Tutoring Success Stories

Here are a few reviews Bobby Hood has received from former students for the ACT, SAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and MCAT.


“I scored a 32 on the ACT, and increased my Science score by 8 points!  I’m very satisfied with my score!” – Katelyn (Fall 2017)



  • “Hello Bobby!  Just wanted to let you know I got my ACT scores back today and I did so much better than the previous times I’ve taken it! I did better in each subject, and managed to get a 35 on the English section, which I am very happy about. Thank you for all the help with tutoring. You made it really easy, and it definitely paid off!— Lauren (Spring 2018)  [see more in the next entry!]
  • “Had to tell you we got notification this afternoon that Lauren was given another $12K in merit scholarship thanks to her new scores!!!! Thank you SO much!”  — Wendy (Lauren’s mom) (Spring 2018)  [followup to the previous entry!]
  • “Katherine received her results yesterday and got a 32 on her ACT. We can’t thank you enough for helping her in your own style that encouraged her and built up her confidence so that she could succeed. She is an amazing young lady, very driven with a heart of gold. Thank you for giving her the tools to achieve the goal she wanted and needed and for pushing her to this level.  You were awesome. We are so thankful that we were introduced to you.”  — Monique and Gregg (Katherine’s parents) (Fall 2017)


  • “Hey Bobby, I just wanted to reach out to thank you for all your help these past few months. I scored a 33 on the September ACT which was my goal from the beginning, and I owe a lot of my success to you. Seriously, thank you for everything you’ve done to help me. I’ll let you know how the college admissions process goes!” — Matthew (fall 2017)


  • “Hi there! Just got my scores back and I got a 30! 27 on math, 25 on science, and 34 on English and reading! Thank you so much!”  — Makenna


  • “Chris got the extra two points he needed on his ACT and a full scholarship to the University of Alabama including out of state tuition and a little extra for books and other costs! Thanks for your help, Bobby! He actually looked forward to your tutoring sessions and was quoting your advice to our second son who is just starting the testing process. Call Bobby today to help get your scholarship! Kristin (Chris’s mom)


  • “I just wanted to let you know that my last ACT went extremely well. I got my scores in today… my Composite was a 33!! Thank you so much for all of your help! I definitely could not have done it without you!” — Sloane


  • “Hello! Just thought I would let you know I made a 36 on my ACT!!! Thank you SO much for all of your help! You are a wonderful tutor I couldn’t have done it without you! Yay!!” — Catherine [36 is the perfect score on the ACT. Less than 1,000 students per year earn a perfect score. Catherine improved 6 points, from her previous score of 30.]
  • “Happy New Year! I got my whole report back for the ACT from December… 28 composite with 9 essay!  I got more than the 27 I was aiming for thanks to the time you spent tutoring me. Thanks for all the tips and explanations; it made all the difference.” — Olivia
  • “I loved being able to have one on one time with my tutor and being able to create a personal bond with Bobby as well as being able to effiiciently learn new skills and methods to use towards my ACT test. I loved being able to talk with Bobby and feel comfortable talking about any issues or problems I had when solving problems. He was very helpful and gave me tips that suited my needs for the test. He was always on time and also very honest about how I was doing throughout the course of our sessions. I am very thankful!” — Alexis
  • “Hi!  I got my scores back and I made a 32!  I’m super happy with the scores, except for math, but I think that’s the last time I’ll be taking it. I’ll be scheduling some appointments soon for a SAT Subject Test, so talk to you soon. Thank you,”  — Ally
  • “I cannot imagine anyone more uniquely qualified to tutor for the ACT than Bobby Hood. As one of my older brother’s best friends, I have known Bobby for more than 30 years. Several months ago, I engaged Bobby to tutor my oldest son for the ACT. Wow, what a payoff! My son improved several points from his practice tests and scored in the 30’s on his first official attempt. All the sessions were done in person, with Bobby, via the internet so location is not an issue (Austin to Nashville in this case). It is without hesitation that I heartily recommend Bobby Hood Test Prep to every parent seeking the best standardized test preparation in the country. Thanks, Bobby!” — John [Graham’s father]
  • “Hey, Bobby!  I just received my ACT results from the test on the 12th, and I am super stoked to share with you that I got a 31!! I was really relieved when I got the score, seeing as I ran short on time for the reading section on test day. My English score was close to perfect with a 35, and my science score shot up to a 32!  I will definitely continue to work… Thank you so much for all your help, I couldn’t be more excited for my first ACT score to be a 31!” — Graham
  • “Lauren just completed and sent in her application to Texas A&M last night. She was waiting on her most recent ACT score. She scored a 29 this time around! We are very proud of her! Thank you so much!”  — Lauren’s mother
  • “I just thought I’d let you know I received a 34 composite on the March ACT. I cannot thank you enough for the time and work you’ve put in to help me excel to the next level…. Thanks much!”  — William
  • Abby got a 29!!! We are so excited!  Thank you Bobby! We are super proud of her! Thank you for your help!” — Abby’s mother [Abby started at a 26 and had a goal score of 28; now she’s aiming for even higher scores!]
  • “Good news!  Aya’s ACT composite was 30!  These are spectacular results and yes, Aya displayed tremendous discipline, maturity, and grit, under a great deal of pressure, to get this score.” — Aya’s grandmother [Aya started at a 23 and improved to a 30 after only 10 hours of tutoring]
  • “Marianna got a 30 on the June 14 ACT!! Up from getting 25 twice!  Thank you Thank you! I’ve just referred [redacted] to you for her daughter [redacted]!” — Marianna’s mother
  • “I got a 34! I just wanted to thank you for everything. I’m so happy with my scores and I wouldn’t be able to do it without your help. Thanks again!” — Amira
  • “Hi Bobby, Jake did awesome and got the score he wanted thanks to you!  34 composite! Thank you so much for all you did for him! We are so happy about this and we appreciate you and your program!” — Jake’s mother  [Jake scored a 31 on the ACT part-way through the tutoring, then improved to a 34!]
  • “Hey there, Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done for me. I really appreciate all of your insight and how you made studying for a standardized actually pretty enjoyable. Thank you for all the encouragement, and you definitely made me want to push myself. And I’m glad you told me to drill science, it obviously paid off in the end. You kept telling me I could get a 34, and sure enough it happened. Thank you so much, you were a huge help for me. ” — Jake [see above] 
  • “I would recommend Bobby to anyone. he was absolutely awesome in communicating with me and making sure I understood exactly what I was missing and what to do to improve.” — Aimee
  • “I ended up getting a 30 on my ACT! I got a 30 on English, 29 on Math, 32 on Reading, and 27 on Science! I am very happy with my score! Thanks for everything!!” — Lindsay
  • I got a 34 composite on my ACT! 35 on English, 34 on Math, 33 on reading, and 35 on science. Do you think it is still important to raise my SAT scores?  Thanks!” — Lauren [Note: after I advised Lauren that yes, SAT scores can be important too, she continued with SAT prep and scored a 2140!  (see below under the SAT!)] 
  • “33!!!!!!!!! She is very happy with that … and we are thrilled!! AND you will love this! Her friend took the ACT the same day and hadn’t taken a prep course … he made a 28 the first time and so she ‘tutored’ him the night before, sharing all the things y’all had gone through …. he improved his score 4 points to a 32! He was soooo excited and said it was 100% because of the things she told him the night before the test from the Princeton Review course. So, we are your biggest fans and happy to be a very strong reference for you.” — Taylor’s mother


  • “Hey Bobby,  I wanted to let you know I got a 1420!! A 770 on math and 650 on English. That’s a 140 point increase from my 1280. We are very happy with this score as it exceeded our goal. Thank you for everything you did for me!!”  — Davie (Spring 2018)
  • “I am happy to inform you that my SAT scores were above my goals. I accomplished an overall score of 1350 (710 on Math and 640 on the English). I was very pleased to see these scores compared to my earlier SAT test. Thank you for spending time preparing me for this test.”  — Mason (Spring 2018)
  • “Holly made a 1390 and we are so happy!  She can now get a $19,000 per year scholarship at the University of Alabama!”  — Tracy (Holly’s mom) (Spring 2018)
  • “I just got my test scores back and I wanted to tell you that I got a 1430!!! I am so excited about this! Thank you so much for all your help this past year and helping me achieve and surpass my goal! I hope you have a great day.”  — Lily (Spring 2018)


  • “I wanted to let you know that I got a 1300. Thank you so much for your help! It has been great working with you!”  — Sam (Spring 2018)


  • I got my SAT scores back for the January test and I got a 2270 total score!  800(!) in reading, 740 in math, and 730 in writing!  Thank you again for all your help!” — Diana


  • “I got a 2190… Math 770, Reading 630, writing 790! (grammar 78, essay 10)  Thank you so much for your help! I got 100 more points then last time! The writing part is what amazed me the most! I could never imagine I can get an almost perfect score in Writing! It’s a miracle! My parents and I are all satisfied with this score. Thus, I’m finally done with the SATs!!! — Annie [note: Annie is from Beijing, China and English is not her first language, so a 790 writing score is indeed an amazing performance, and reflects the hard work she put in.]
  • I was personally aiming for National Merit Scholar range. Working with Bobby I was never confused about what strategies I should employ on the test. He was already ready to explain any questions I missed on practice exams and answer any questions I had in general. Even after we finished with PSAT review, he was further willing to discuss college applications and even help my brother with his PSAT as well. Most important to me, though, is that he’s a joy to talk to and work with; I was always happy to start every session because he is so friendly and helpful. I would recommend Bobby Hood’s services to anyone looking to improve on standardized testing, and I am certainly looking forward to using the remainder of my hours with him to look at colleges and build my future.” — Davis [note: Davis scored 750 Math, 690 Reading and Writing, on the 2015 PSAT, with a National Merit Selection Index of 213, which puts him in very likely National Merit range.]
  • My son worked with Bobby Hood in preparation for his PSAT. The results came in the mail today and we are beyond thrilled…

    Posted by Beth Leakey Fridley on Thursday, January 7, 2016

  • “YAY YAY YAY!! Scores: 640 Reading, 750 Math, 680 Writing, and a 9 on the essay! This definitely puts me where I want and need to be for the colleges I’m looking at. Thank you so much for tutoring me and helping me through this process! I couldn’t have done it without you! My parents are very pleased as well, which is a rare occurrence when it comes to test scores. My practice tests with you didn’t even put me in the 2000’s. I’ve never even thought it was possible for me to get in the 2000’s! Thank you again for all of your help. I’m sure you’re going to get a lot of emails like this today from your success students. Haha! I hope you have as much success (or more) with me as you do with your other students! :)” — Hannah
  • “I scored a 730 in Reading and Writing and a 750 on Math on the New PSAT!  My National Merit Selection Index is 221. I’m definitely very happy with my score and I know it wouldn’t be where it is without your help. Thank you!” — Sami
  • “Daniel, who you helped prepare for his SATs and application essays, was admitted to Notre Dame (and its school of business) last night. He’s thrilled. I just wanted to express my gratitude for the assistance and guidance you gave him during the process. Thank you so much.” — Daniel’s mother
  • “Well, Daniel (and you) did very well on the last SAT:  800 CR, 760 Math, 740 Writing (11 on essay)!” — a different Daniel’s mother
  • “Hi  Just letting you know that I got a 2140 on my SAT! A 750 on Writing, 720 on Math, and 670 on Reading!  Thank you!” — Lauren [see above under ACT for Lauren’s previous score of 34 on the ACT!]
  • “…Just letting you know I got a 1700 on my first SAT and now I got an 1850! Thank u for everything, you’re the best teacher I ever had.” — Duke
  • “Hi Bobby, I just received my SAT scores this morning. I got a 670 on Math, a 720 on Reading, and a 790 on Writing. A 2180! I’m really happy with it and I know you helped me a lot. Thanks again!” — Sam [Sam improved 110 points after starting with another tutor, who was unable to complete the tutoring due to illness, and then improved an additional 400 points after tutoring with me.]
  • “I have received my SAT scores and i got a 1920!  570 in Reading, 690 in Math, and 670 in Writing! Thank you so much for all the help :)” — Krithika
  • “I made a 197 on the PSAT, which was a 19 point improvement thanks to you! I plan on taking the real SAT in March.” — Ehi    Later:  “I made a 2130 on the SAT!” — Ehi (330 point improvement from his starting score of 1800)   Later:  “I was accepted into Duke! I just wanted to thank you for your work with me. It definitely played a huge part in my acceptance. Thanks!” — Ehi
  • “I just got my SAT scores! My total score was a 1950 with a 620 in critical reading, a 650 in math, and a 680 in writing. Thanks again for all your help!” — Lydia  [Improvement of 240 from her starting score of 1710]


  • “I just wanted to let you know that I was accepted early action to Yale in the last month. I am extremely excited and just wanted to thank you for the help you gave me in preparing for the college application process – your help definitely paid off. I am planning on accepting the offer and starting my first year there next fall!” — William


  • “I was just accepted into UT Law and am so so so excited! Thank you again for everything, would not have made it without you!!!!!!!!” Gabe


  • “I got into UT Law which was my top choice, so I will be going there in the Fall! Thank you for all of your help!!” Danielle


  • “I just wanted to update you after getting my score back from the October LSAT and see how things are going. I scored a 171! Figured you’d like to know as it’ll likely add to your personal and Princeton Review’s scoring stats.” — Daniel
  • “Hey! I wanted to give you an update about my law school process! I am incredibly happy to say that I have been accepted into Harvard Law School, my top choice! Once again, I must thank you profusely. Throughout the entire LSAT process, it was my goal to be able to attend Harvard Law. Now, seeing it finally realized is an amazing experience, and I’m still struggling to fully comprehend it. It makes the dozens and dozens of hours of prep work completely worth it. I cannot thank you enough for helping me to realize my dream. I am truly grateful. Thank you again! I hope you have many more years of helping other students achieve their dreams!” — Nino
  • “I did really great on my LSAT! So thanks for your help!”  [I inquired as to his score, and got this reply:]  “I got a 176. So, you know, pretty alright. It was 6 points higher than my highest practice and 16 points higher than my first test. I tried to be as relaxed as possible the weekend leading up to the test, which really seemed to do the trick.” — Dusty
  • “I took your LSAT class through the Princeton Review in August and September.  I wanted to thank you for doing a great job! I earned my highest score when I took the official LSAT in October (165).  You gave me very good advice about writing the personal statement.  Also, your encouragement to nail down letters of recommendation as early as possible was so helpful. I found out today that I was accepted to the University of Houston, which was my top choice.  While this school is not the most highly rated or most prestigious, it is ranked in the top 50 and located in a city with one of the biggest legal markets.  It is also where my family lives.  I am so excited to be accepted, and I know I could not have achieved this without your help and guidance.  My undergraduate GPA was a 2.8, so scoring well on the LSAT was invaluable.  Your positivity and teaching style definitely contributed to making this opportunity a reality.  Thank you.” — Lizzie
  • “I got a 160 on the LSAT. Thank you so much for all your help! :)” — Kayla
  • “I took a class with Bobby to prepare for my LSAT back in 2011. While it was one of the most challenging exams I’ve ever prepared for, working with Bobby helped me achieve the score I needed to enter the law school of my choice in 2012. Now, as a first year law student I decided to aim for a JD/MBA dual degree program. My first attempt at the GMAT by myself was quite dismal. Remembering my LSAT experience, I contacted Bobby hoping for a crunch time miracle. After one month of focused and individualized tutoring with Bobby I scored 660, 81st percentile! A 30 percentile increase since the first GMAT exam. I recommend tutoring with Bobby for any exam success!” — Mia
  • “Hello, as I’m sure you’ve heard from countless students, we received our LSAT scores yesterday. I am happy to say that I got a 171, I score that I’m confident will make me competitive at almost any school.  I really want to thank you for all of your help. Before I started the course, I had taken numerous practice tests, but was stuck at about 160. Being able to move up ten points or more is a great accomplishment, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.” — Nino
  • “Hi Bobby, I wanted to thank you for your dedicated support of my efforts to prepare for the LSAT tomorrow…You taught me some great tips and, in some case, gave me some skills I can use elsewhere in life. Thank you! While I may not have been able to devote as much time in the final days to prepare as I would have liked – I think I have a solid grasp of those areas of most elements and certainly a  much better grasp than I had simply walking in and taking it cold. Thanks again for your time and assistance!”  — Rachel
  • “Hey Bobby, just wanted to let you know that I received my acceptance in to St. Mary’s University School of Law today! Thanks again for all of your help with the LSAT! Without the class I probably would not have been as consistent with my scores and probably would not have been accepted to St. Mary’s!”  — Tyler
  • “…I just wanted to let you know that I received my February LSAT score and I scored a 154. This was a huge improvement in comparison to the October test where I scored a 139. I just wanted to thank you again for all your help during the 10-week Princeton Review course. I really believe that you helped make such an improvement possible for me. Thank you so much!” — Jasmine


  • “Great news, I took the GMAT yesterday and got a 720! I wanted to thank you again for all your help, I couldn’t have done it without you!”  — Michael
  • “Just wanted to update you on my GMAT. Just walked out with a 730 (Q49 V41). Overall, I’m pretty pleased.”  — Brennan


  • “I have been a student on the road most of my life and accordingly, I have had many tutors. I have never had such a passionate, knowledgeable and supportive tutor as Bobby. Not only did he help teach me the material, he made sure I understood it all including the little tricks! Beyond the text books, Bobby made it clear that he believed in me and was committed to my success. What an amazing teacher and human.” — Sarah
  • “I took a class with Bobby to prepare for my LSAT back in 2011. While it was one of the most challenging exams I’ve ever prepared for, working with Bobby helped me achieve the score I needed to enter the law school of my choice in 2012. Now, as a first year law student I decided to aim for a JD/MBA dual degree program. My first attempt at the GMAT by myself was quite dismal. Remembering my LSAT experience, I contacted Bobby hoping for a crunch time miracle. After one month of focused and individualized tutoring with Bobby I scored 660, 81st percentile! A 30 percentile increase since the first GMAT exam. I recommend tutoring with Bobby for any exam success!” — Mia
  • I got into Rice and Vanderbilt, and wait-listed at UNC!! Just got accepted to Rice! Pretty excited. Thanks again for the help you gave me. I’m positive I couldn’t have scored that well on my own.” — Cole (Cole scored a 670 on the GMAT)
  • “Hey I took the GMAT today and got a 680 (59 math, 33 verbal). Came close to beating my 690 but I can’t complain, I am happy with my score and hopefully will get into the programs I want. I wanted to thank you for all of the help you provided. As I said before, I took a one-on-one class and got a 590 so the change was obviously your class. Thanks again for all your help.” — Michael (scored a 690 on our final GMAT diagnostic test, and was hoping to repeat that score on the actual test)
  • “Hey Bobby, I just took my GMAT today and scored a 670! Better than all of my practice tests. Thank you for all of your help!!!” — Andrew
  • “I scored a 680 total on the GMAT. I’m a math major but I scored higher in verbal! I can’t believe it!” — Elle
  • “32 math, 31 verbal, 530 total on the GMAT. I am very happy! Thank you for all your help!” — Brianna
  • “Just did your teacher evaluation, you got high marks. As for the GMAT – I took it on Sat – scored a 660, 90% Verbal, 60% Quant… was secretly hoping for a 700 but I can’t complain. Would have liked to get the math up a bit but my goal when I signed up for the test was to get a 650.” — Nick


  • “Hey …. Just FYI in case Taylor didn’t tell you …. She was accepted to Royal Veterinary College in London (12% acceptance rate for US students I think?)! Waiting to hear from A&M this month. Also got into Kansas State and Ross Vet School in St. Kitts! Many thanks for her GRE tutoring!!” — Taylor’s mom
  • “I took the GRE today, and I did well so I thought I’d share! I got 167 on verbal and 167 on math. They’re a significant improvement from my previous scores of 161 verbal and 163 math. I was surprised that I increased so much. It must be due to your teaching! Thanks so much! I should be able to get into a top grad program with those scores (although I’m tempted to take it again to see if I can get into the 98th percentile).”  Natasha
  • “I wanted to let you know that I did very well on the GRE and I wanted to thank you for all of your help and hard work. I thought you did an excellent job teaching and made the material very accessible. I appreciated your willingness to e-mail me after the class and help me on some of my details. In a world where education is moving to online content, this certainly was my best experience with this new learning medium. Happy holidays to you and your family.” — Marc
  • “Good news — I was accepted to the College of Engineering at UPenn for the MCIT program. Turns out a 161 GRE quant score was enough to do the trick. Penn was my #1 choice for graduate school. Thank you so much for all your help over the last few months teaching and answering emails. I appreciate the support.” — Mike
  • “Hi Bobby! Hope this message finds you doing well! I just wanted to give you a brief update on my graduate school admission process since I spoke to you so much about it during our tutoring. Though I haven’t heard from all 12 of my schools yet (and don’t expect to until some time in March) I can say that I’ve gotten into all 3 of the schools that I’ve been contacted by, and one of those schools is Wharton! Though I’m not sure if this is where I’m going to end up going–I’m interviewing at Duke next month and if I got good news from Northwestern or Harvard I could end up going there — I’m still very excited. In any event, I just wanted to thank you not only for the hours you spent tutoring me but also for the support and advice you gave concerning my application process. Looks like good things may be on the horizon for me — and thanks so much for your part in that!” — Anna  [scored 169 Verbal, 161 Math on the GRE]
  • “I took the GRE yesterday. Mixed results, but CRAZY results. Get this: I scored 165 in the Verbal!!!!!!!  I got 158 on the Math. It was hard, I was nervous and really didn’t put my best foot forward. All well, I guess I’m taking it again. Thanks so much for everything. You’re a great teacher. I couldn’t have done it without you.” — Ravya
  • “I took the real GRE today and I got a 158 on verbal and a 158 on math, which I am very pleased with, since it’s a 70th percentile on both. I was shocked my math was as high as my verbal…lol. Thanks again for your help, and I’m so glad it’s over!!!” — Anna


  • “I just wanted to email you and thank you! I recently received my score for the MCAT [taken in May 2016]. I am very happy to say that I received a 519, or 98th percentile. I am also very thankful because I received a 131 on the CARS section. I started out doing fairly well on CARS, but with your teaching and methods I was able to improve more. Thanks again for your help.” Katrina
  • “I just wanted to say a special thank you to you for being a wonderful CARS tutor during my long lasting battle with the MCAT. I have been accepted to Lincoln Memorial University College of Osteopathic Medicine for the Summer 2016 entering class.” Matt
  • “MCAT scores are out, and I wanted to let you know that I got a 511, which puts me in the 85th percentile…. I just wanted to let you know how I did and tell you that the course was really helpful to me, and I would recommend taking an MCAT course from you guys anytime. Sally
  • “My MCAT score was a 518 (97th percentile). Chem 129, CARS 129, Bio 132 (100th percentile), Psych/Soc 128. Thanks for the class, it was fantastic!” Parker
  •  “I took another practice test today (full length). I got an 11 on the verbal! I think things are really starting to click… Thank you for all your help. I really can’t even explain how much I appreciate it.” — Kaitlin  [Kaitlin struggled for months on the MCAT Verbal Reasoning section and finally had a breakthrough!]
  • “I got my MCAT scores today. I ended up getting a 32 (with a 10 on the Verbal section). I am extremely happy with this score and don’t plan on retaking the test. I wanted to thank you so much for all your help. Before I even began studying for this test, I knew I was going to struggle with the Verbal portion. That is one skill I never thought I would be able to develop and you helped me do it. I wanted to thank you for all your extra help sessions and all the advice and strategy tips you gave me along the way. There is no way I could have gotten that score without your help. I seriously can’t thank you enough. I hope you enjoy the rest of your classes and again, thank you so much!!”

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