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Here’s what one of Bobby Hood’s recent GRE online tutoring students had to say:

I took the GRE today, and I did well so I thought I’d share! I got 167 on verbal and 167 on math. They’re a significant improvement from my previous scores of 161 verbal and 163 math. I was surprised that I increased so much. It must be due to your teaching! Thanks so much! I should be able to get into a top grad program with those scores (although I’m tempted to take it again to see if I can get into the 98th percentile).” — Natasha

Success Stories

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GRE Tutoring with Bobby Hood

Bobby Hood is an online tutor for the GRE. He focuses on critical thinking and a mindful approach to the GRE that will help you quickly and efficiently move to your highest potential score.

In 2014, Bobby took the GRE and scored 169 out of 170 on Verbal Reasoning and scored a perfect 170 on Quantitative Reasoning.

Bobby Hood began tutoring in 2011, and quickly became one of the nation’s most sought-after GRE tutors. Bobby tutors college students all over the nation (and the world) for the GRE through his personal online tutoring classroom. Bobby has a great history of success in improving students’ scores on the GRE — perhaps you could be on this list too!

Bobby tutors students one-on-one through his personal online classroom.  He lives in Dallas, Texas.

How should you prepare for grad school?

  • Do you need a great score on the GRE to get into graduate school? Not necessarily. The GRE is taken by all sorts of students, from math majors and engineering majors to dance majors and music majors. As a result, the importance of your GRE score overall compared to other facets of your application, such as undergraduate GPA and life experience, may not be very high, while for others it may be quite important. In particular, for instance, some schools may care less about the math score than the verbal score for particular graduate programs.
  • Do I need to be great at math to get a good score on the GRE?  Not necessarily. GRE math is very tough, but it’s much more about pacing and time pressure, and making good use of your time, than it is about being a math expert. You will definitely need to spend a good amount of time practicing a lot of math techniques, particularly as math tricks for doing the questions quickly, and learning how to approach the Quantitative Comparison questions, which are very different from other math questions you might have experienced previously. But you don’t have to be a math genius to get a good GRE score.
  • Take a practice GRE and see where you stand. Contact me for information about how to take a free practice GRE.
  • Research graduate schools to see how your GPA and potential GRE score will stack up in the admissions process. Note also that the GRE can be used to apply to a number of business schools as well as non-business graduate programs.
  • Enroll in GRE tutoring to get you to the score you need to open the doors to the schools you want. If you are interested in enrolling in tutoring, contact Bobby Hood using the form at the bottom of this page.

Why is online tutoring better than in-person tutoring?

I have found that for almost all of my students (even those who live near me), online tutoring is significantly superior to face-to-face tutoring. In an online classroom, you and I talk to each other, but instead of looking at each other, we work through questions displayed on a shared whiteboard. We work the questions together and I make notes about the strategies you should use.  At the end of the session, you save all the slides as a PDF file for later review.

When I used to do a significant amount of face-to-face tutoring, I realized that in person, students have to divide their attention between discussing and working the questions, listening to what I’m saying, and taking notes on what I’m saying. In online tutoring, you can focus directly on understanding and working the questions, knowing that the notes and strategies will all be saved as a PDF file for later review. It’s more efficient, and provides a better value for the money spent on tutoring.

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