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“I scored a 32 on the ACT, and increased my Science score by 8 points!  I’m very satisfied with my score!” – Katelyn (fall 2017)

Perhaps you can join the list of success stories from Bobby Hood’s tutoring students!

Success Stories

Bobby Hood is an online tutor for the ACT, SAT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, and MCAT (CARS) tests. He focuses on critical thinking and a mindful approach to standardized testing that helps students quickly and efficiently move to their highest potential scores.

Watch this video interview in which Bobby Hood discusses his approach to preparing for the SAT and other tests with Debbie Schwartz of Road2College, an excellent source of information and advice for students and parents :

Bobby specializes in tutoring for standardized tests, including the SAT and the ACT (for college admissions); the LSAT (for law school admissions); the GMAT (for business school admissions); the GRE (for Masters Degree and Ph.D. admissions); and the MCAT (for medical school admissions), as well as for other standardized tests such as the ISEE, the SSAT, and the AP and SAT Subject Tests.

After Bobby became a tutor in 2011, he quickly rose to be one of top 10 most-requested tutors at The Princeton Review (of over 1,000 tutors nationwide). 

Bobby tutors students from all over the United States (and the world) one-on-one through his personal online classroom.  He lives in Dallas, Texas.

Bobby has helped thousands of students succeed in improving their  scores on the SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and MCAT — perhaps you could be on this list too!

Bobby Hood’s bio

Bobby was the valedictorian of Lake Highlands High School, in Dallas, Texas, and was a National Merit Finalist, scoring 800 Math and 790 Verbal on the SAT and 35 on the ACT. He attended TCU in Fort Worth, Texas, on a full-tuition scholarship.

In college, Bobby earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. After graduating, Bobby worked for two years as a C.P.A., then attended The University of Texas School of Law on a full-tuition scholarship. Bobby practiced municipal bond law for over ten years, with a focus on sports facilities (including the financing of Cowboys Stadium, Yankee Stadium, and the Jets/Giants Stadium).

In 2011, Bobby returned to his original passion for teaching, and now tutors students for the SAT, ACT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, and MCAT CARS (Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills) tests. Most of his tutoring is done online (even his local Austin students typically choose to do sessions online, perhaps due to Bobby’s mellifluous radio voice?).

Approach to tutoring

Students often comment that Bobby takes a personal interest in seeing his students succeed and is able to explain a concept in a way that makes it seem much easier than they expected. “I wish my teacher had explained it that way!” is a common refrain. Bobby focuses not only on the student’s success on a particular test, but also on developing critical thinking skills and a mindful approach to taking tests that will serve the student throughout life.

Bobby Hood’s Recent Test Scores

Over recent years, Bobby Hood has taken several real tests for research purposes and to stay aware of the actual testing environment. He has earned the following scores:  In 2014, GMAT 770 (out of 800); GRE 169 Verbal and 170 Quant (each out of 170); and a perfect SAT Superscore of 2400 (800 Math, 800 Reading, and 800 Writing & Language) under the old SAT scoring. In 2016, Bobby earned a score of 1580 on the revised SAT (790 Verbal, 790 Math).

Bobby is a member of Mensa as well as the Triple Nine Society (an association of individuals with IQ scores above the 99.9th percentile, or approximately 150). He is an Eagle Scout and a member of Sons of the American Revolution. In his spare time, Bobby enjoys doing the New York Times Crossword puzzle every day (he’s gotten his average time down to about 5 minutes on Mondays and about 20 minutes on Fridays and Saturdays, after years of practice), and designing educational apps.

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